Zanza Steinberg is a Director, Choreographer, and Creative in NYC, and the is the Founding Artistic Director of ALMA NYC Dance Company. Her work spans from directing and choreographing concert dance at Alvin Ailey’s Citigroup Theater, immersive theater direction at Norwood Club, to commercials for V8 Energy, Alembika clothing line, and live performances at New York’s Fashion Week runway shows over 5 seasons. She has also lectured at Lincoln Center on Arts Entrepreneurship, and created work for the United Nations’ Sustainability Summit in collaboration with Merit 360. She is a teaching artist for both Kaiser’s Room and the Theater Development Fund, working with neurodiverse  populations and students who are often engaging with the arts for the first time. Zanza is passionate about serving her community and encouraging bravery and creativity through movement and the arts. She is proudly represented by LDC Artist Representation.